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Programs & Students

 Our school currently offers 2 types of programs: General Studies and International Studies. The latter was established in 1992 to keep in pace with the rapid changes of globalization. Students in this program not only partake in the courses offered in General Studies, but also pursue an interest in English and other foreign languages. The International Studies courses place more emphasis on incorporating practicality in the English classes. In comparison to the General Studies program, students in this program concentrate and spend more class time on speaking and listening skills, as well as cultural understanding. Students can apply these practical skills during the annual Homestay Study Program. For example, in the Writing course of the 11th Grade, students learn essay writing and use computers to write English emails. For the final project, they create and publish a magazine or newspaper, which they show oversea students as an introduction to our school during their visit. As for the 12th Grade, there are two unique courses which help them strengthen their English skills: Current Affairs and Speed Reading. In the former, students study about current affairs through CNN TV News and international newspapers and so on, followed by debate discussions in English. In the latter, they improve their reading and comprehension skills through systematic training.

 There are 6 10th Grade classes,and 7 11th and 12th Grade classes in the General Studies program. In addition, there are 2 classes in each grade for the International Studies program, bringing the total number of classes to 26. As a result, there are approximately 1,000 current students at Hanazono Senior High School.

 The number of graduated students including the Class of 2015 is approximately 21,716. The majority of our graduates continue to pursue their education in college or university studies in Japan and abroad.