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A Student's School Life

Newsletter from HANAZONO

A Student's School Life

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Written and translated by Liang, a 10th Grade student Edited by Betty, our native English teacher

 Hi! I'm a Chinese girl. I came to Japan two and a half years ago. I have been at Hanazono High School for six months. At first, I wasn't accustomed to the high school life, so I didn't talk to the classmates around me. But the teachers and students are very kind to me, so I have gotten used to the school, and have made many friends here. Everyday I am happy!

 I came to Hanazono High School in November last year. I was interested in many things. For example, clubs, sport events, and school festivals. But the most impressive thing was the Seniors of the International Studies course. They spoke English very well. I was confident of my English ability before, but at that moment, I could only say a few words. I was both shocked and excited because speaking English is one of my dreams. I like English very much, so naturally, I want to speak English fluently. Now that's not just a dream, because I think by studying in Hanazono High School, I can make my dream come true. On top of that, I can study Japanese too. One day, Dream, an exchange student from Thailand, chattered away in Japanese. I was surprised at how fluent her Japanese was. Although I can't express what I mean or how I feel well in Japanese yet, now that I'm here at Hanazono, I might be able to do it someday too. I hope to kill two birds with one stone. Since that day, I came to like Hanazono. I honestly love Hanazono High School. That feeling comes directly from my heart, not from my head! Fortunately, I was able to pass the entrance examination safely, and I could enroll in Hanazono High School.

 In the International Course, there are three kinds of English lessons, and we have them twice a week. They are Reader A, Reader B and Language Lab, in which RA and LL are taught by native teachers. In RA, we compete in our speed of reading comprehension, sing English songs, and study by watching a movie. We are watching "Dracula" now. It's very scary but interesting. While we study these, we also can practice listening and pronunciation. RB is the lesson in which we study English grammar. It is very difficult for us to remember the grammar points, but it's necessary in order to speak and write English. English grammar is very important. LL is where we practice our pronunciation and listening skills. Sometimes we have a shadowing test. Even if you're not good at English, it doesn't matter because every class is enjoyable.

 In Hanazono High School, there are many enjoyable things as well as studying. For the Sport's Day in July, we freshmen made a cheering flag. The second graders made a board for their team, and the third graders performed dances. Although we all aimed at victory, building friendship was the No. 1 goal. Student in all grades were excited by each other's enthusiasm. The class stuck together, worked as a team, and did their best. As for the third graders, they not only did well in these events, but also in their entrance examinations. We freshmen were greatly touched by their dedication.

 School is usually over at three o'clock, but many students go home around six or seven, after their club activities. I belong to the two clubs.

 Oh, I almost forgot to say that in July, we had thirteen students from America. They were very kind and we had a very interesting time together. Their visit has me looking forward to our school trip abroad next year. I hope I can communicate and experience many new things.

 After I entered this school, I have experienced many things, and improved in speaking both English and Japanese.

 If you are interested in Hanazono High School, please come and visit us. We are waiting for you and your friends. I'm sure you'll enjoy your life in Hanazono High School! Please believe me, and believe in yourself!