Hannan High School was founded in 1959. Compared to other Osaka prefectural high schools, it has a large ground and a lot of greenery. More than 24,000 people have graduated from this school, and among them is a popular novelist, Keigo Higashino.

The school buildings were designed by a famous architect Junzo Itakura.While most of the school buildings are still used to this day, its original school gym had to be rebuilt in 1983.

Hannan High School is famous for its international activities. Through our exchange programs, every year a number of high school students from Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand have the opportunity to visit Hannan High School and vice versa.

To achieve language skills, Hannan High School has a special course in Korean and Chinese. Students can take these courses in their second and third year. Students under these courses take the lead in welcoming and introducing these foreign guest students to a welcome ceremony and help them lead a comfortable school life.